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Interface SelectOptions

Optional object to pass to the #select method to tailor the response.

   fields: ['name', 'email', 'date'],
   where: {name: 'Paul'},
   maxRecords: 50,
   pageSize: 10,
   sort: [
       field: "name",
       direction: "desc"
       field: "date",
       direction: "asc"
   view: 'Grid view'


  • SelectOptions



Optional fields

fields: string[]

An array of specific field names to be returned. Returns all fields if none are supplied.

Optional filterByFormula

filterByFormula: undefined | string

A formula used to filter the records to return.

Optional maxRecords

maxRecords: undefined | number

The maximum total number of records that will be returned in your requests. Should be smaller than or equal to pageSize

Optional pageSize

pageSize: undefined | number

The number of records returned in each request. Must be less than or equal to 100

Optional sort

sort: SortObject[]

A list of sort objects that specifies how the records will be ordered

Optional view

view: undefined | string

The name or id of a view on the specified table. If set, only the records in that view will be returned. The records will be sorted according to the order of the view unless the sort parameter is included, which overrides that order. Fields hidden in this view will be returned in the results. To only return a subset of fields, use the fields parameter.

Optional where

A Query Object used to build a filter formula to filter the records to return.

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